Creative, glorious, infinite - these are all words Kristen Goshorn had in mind when she founded Kosmos Post. Her goal: to build a company where clients and employees are continuously empowered to put their best selves forward into the universe, contributing in their own unique way to the splendor of creation.  
In Greek mythology, Kronos was the leader of a pantheon of gods, the Titans - ergo the “K” in Kosmos and their positioning in the market. Kosmos Post provides video editing and compositing services for Iconic Influencers and Industry Titans.
“Even if our Creators haven’t achieved ‘Iconic’ or ‘Titan’ status yet in the eyes of the world, that is how we see them. That is how we serve them. And that is the premium quality we aspire to in each and every video.” - Kristen Goshorn
Our Team
Kristen Goshorn
Founder | Lead Editor
As a professional video editor and compositor, Kristen specializes in creative visual effects. Sought after by top YouTube Influencers, Kristen provides friendly, reliable service, and high-end video results for clients. Her work has reached an audience of 617k+ subscribers in 2020-2021.
Uniquely Talented In:
• Professional Film Looks / Color Grading
• Skin Smoothing & Beauty Effects
• Custom Motion Graphics
• Audio Enhancement / Restoration
• Making Creators Happy
2020 Career Highlights:
• Assistant Editor, Gal Media Creative @Premiere Gal
• Marketing Partner, Future Media Conferences
• 100% Client Success Score on UpWork
• Producer, Women Influencing Post Production

Favorite Tools:
Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Boris FX, Mocha, Accusonus 
Erik Goshorn
Founder | Chief Operations Officer
Specializing in client happiness, team building, and communications, Erik makes everything here at Kosmos Post possible. As the head of business strategy and operations, Erik works to meet the growing needs of the Kosmos Post client base by hiring, onboarding, training, and facilitating an amazing team of Associate Editors.
Uniquely Talented In:
• Client Communication
• Business Development
• Team Building
• Performance Management
• Accounting
• Sales
• Business Partnerships
Favorite Tools:
Wit, Charm, Muscle, and Charisma (with a little bit of bombast mixed in)
The Goshorn Family
Erik and Kristen have two amazing boys and a dog, named Rhodie after Iron Man's best wing-man. They live in Central Illinois  where they enjoy spending time with family, neighbors, going to the pool, gardening, and history. Although recently, they've been spending way too much time remodeling their new home - "Install a sump pump, remove a window, reaffix the gutters? Sure, we can do that!... Right?... Well, guess we're gonna." 
We look forward to how we can serve your video needs!
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