Video Editing for Iconic Influencers and Industry Titans
Our Mission: 
Kosmos Post serves the post-production needs of today's top creatives, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, influencers, and business leaders - sculpting inspired films of all sizes. 
Our Vision:
Life is a fragile and fleeting journey that will echo in the chambers of time. In the moments that we have may our eyes discover extraordinary, hands create beauty, mouth compel greatness, and heart love the person in front of us. May our films release waves of liberation from prejudice and crime, from disease and disaster, from fear, and past wrongs, and self-doubt. And from this moment may the world be freed to be more boldly beautiful, healthy, connected, and appreciated, than the moment that came before. 
Our Strengths:
With 7+ years of combined award-winning professional video editing experience, our team doesn't just edit videos, we build businesses.
We work with clients to maximize their footage, brand guidelines, and the industry's latest trends to bring each video to life. Increased viewer engagement, retention, click-through rates, sales, and brand loyalty - we get it, your goals are our goals too!
Our Services:
Social Media Video Editing, Trailers, Courses, Video Ads, Title Sequences, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Color Grading, Sound Design, Thumbnails, and Outsourced Agency Work
Retainer Editing Packages for Businesses and Public Figures
From the touch screen the big screen... Reach for the Kosmos! 

Kosmos Post
Video Editing For Iconic Influencers and Industry Titans
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